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"This Is The Lord's Doing; It Is Marvelous In Our Eyes" (Psalm 118:23)

Jamie Carte Ministries, Along With Our Partners And Friends, Is So Blessed To Be Reaching Out To So Many People All Over The World In Many Ways! Many Are Telling Us Of How God Is Touching Their Lives And Answering Their Prayers! We Want To Share Their Testimonies With You To Encourage You Of God's Great And Marvelous Power!

If You Have A Praise Report Of How God Has Blessed Your Life Through Your Contact With Jamie Carte Ministries, We'd Love To Hear From You! If You Would Like To Email Your Praise Report, You Can Do So At Contact@Jamiecarte.Org

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Let Us All Rejoice With You!


"I can't begin to tell you how thrilled i am with anticipation. i connect with your teachings." - facebook

"You are a blessing to me and I love to listen to your teaching and preaching of God’s Word. I feel the Holy Spirit speaking to me when I listen to you and see His anointing over you." - P. P.

"Your words this morning are like a soothing balm to me Jamie." - M. Miller - VA

"May the Lord continue giving you deep revelations of His word to encourage the body of Christ around the world!  God has raised you in our time to be a living voice to our generation." - Bishop J. - Uganda

"Thank you for your messages of encouragement. Your messages every day mean so much to me." - J. McClung- WV

"Thank u!!!  Beautiful Wow, Wow, Wow, explained with such love and power . . . True Revelation and insight thru His message of love to u and for us (me).  Thank u feeling chains broken and burdens being lifted Now!!!!  Thank U Christ Jesus!!  Broken and poured out my Sister!!!!  Beauty beyond measure . . . I love u sooo much Jamie Carte!!!!!!  Hearing . . . His eye is on the sparrow and I know He watches over me (u).  I sing because I'm happy - I sing because I'm free . . . hugs" - Texas

"Your article about The Trojan Horse was so timely and so true!  Thank you for hearing the voice of God for the last days!" - Facebook

"This message of forgiveness needs forwarding and re-forwarding and meditation.  This is the key message to the church today.  I love you and your husband.  You cannot quantify your impact to the nations of the world.  Keep on keeping on."  - Bishop J. - Uganda

"Love the Word and love the page.  The Lord Bless You for your service Good and Faithful Servant.  We are in such a dark age and so many peoples are blind to it.  Keep being that light and thank you for it.  I know you do not need to hear it from me, but The Lord leads me to tell you this is so He thanks you for your love beloved." - MySpace, US

"Hey Mrs. Carte!  I really enjoy reading everything you post . . . you are able to bring new insight, confirm what's going on in my life, and verify that the decisions I am making are of God because of your posts.  I want to thank you with my whole heart! - Facebook

"Thank You! I love all of your teachings . . . a little deep and not "mainstream" but straight from the heart of God. Praying for blessings for this Ministry!" - Facebook, Daniels, WV

"Thank you so much Sister Jamie!  your detailed explanation was so easy to understand and receive, which is why I love reading anything you write!  You have a gift to explain it in such fine detail that even those who don't know a lot about the Bible, like young children, would be able to understand it fully!" - Facebook

"You are touching lives of millions on this planet earth.  You have a wonderful husband who supports you in your noble ministry.  Keep on moving on.  When the enemy attacks you, raise your bar by setting a higher goal.  You are a global pastor preparing the bride.  What a great Ministry!" - Bishop J. - Uganda

"Thank you for the commitment you have shown to send me good news.  It has really built my spiritual life, am blessed.  May the Good Lord Bless you more." - C. Nankamba (Email)

"Yesterday was a great day.  I shared your message the way you presented.  There was a great move of the Holy Spirit and many Christians were inspired.  Many people accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, others were prayed for deliverance.  There was also significant offering and tithe above the average.  God Bless you my Pastor." - Bishop J. - Uganda

"Awesome Sister Jamie, this really hit home. Appreciate you sharing very much." - K. Sarai, Figi Islands


"Dear Jamie Carte Ministries, I would like to thank you for your Monthly Teaching Letters.  When I read this Monthly Letter, I realized that I needed a Savior.  I wasn't where I needed to be with God, so I repent and ask the Lord Jesus please forgive me of all the wrong and sin I've done and for living without Him . . . I am a new man because of your News Letter I'm requesting some resources to get me on my way with my walk with the Lord for free.  I'm also in need of a Study Bible as well.  Thank you and God Bless your Ministries. Amen." - Lambert - Inmate, AR

"I have received your Letters today and I want to express my gratitude by saying thank you for not only taking the time out of your day to write me and send me Monthly Teaching Letters each month but I thank you so much for . . . to get me a Study Bible.  I am truly thankful and appreciate you so much." - Johnathon - Inmate in WV

"Thank you for your mail letter.  Indeed the word I receive from you really encourages my soul and has made me to have a passion for to open a non Governmental organization (NGO) to help the less privileged people in society.  The work you are doing is so great, may God continue blessing you and all the partners.  You are my inspiration." - Caroline - Zambia, Africa

"I'm writing to you to thank you for the monthly newsletter that you send me.  As a new Christian struggling to gain knowledge in the Lord, it's a blessing.  I've read the Bible and the New Testament multiple times and although I read daily, I don't always understand what I read.  I look forward to your Newsletters every Month and the clarity it brings.  Thank You so much." - Inmate, PA

"I receive your monthly newsletter and am blessed by your teachings.  Jamie has sent one tonight that is very 'now' and I've written to thank her for this insightful 'Word in Season' once again.  She has a unique and special way of receiving from the Lord and sharing it with us in such a real and relevant was as to bless the reader.  Thank you." - Australia

"The Bible is gratefully appreciated and so is the Newsletters. . . I want to thank you Jamie and Dewayne - also the Ministry for the Wonder Word of God . . . - Billy - Inmate, WV

"Thank you for your News Letters.  They make a lot of sense and have pointed out some things that I have never connected before.  The explanations of the Scriptures I have read before but not understood, now make sense . . . Thank you for all you do." - Andy - Inmate, CO

"I love reading anything you write!  You have a gift to explain such fine detail that even those who don't know a lot about the Bible . . . Would be able to understand it fully!  I know a lot about God's Word by studying and research and what I couldn't find an answer to before you, I just wouldn't know about. - McDowell County, WV

"Thank u for sharing this today. Yes, revelation is coming thru u Jamie as (we) truly seek the Truth. U my Sister are speaking the Truth, the Fruit is showing so (we) can eat . . . Hallelujah!! - Texas

"Thank you for your monthly "teachings" or "messages" you've been sending me for 2 years now.  They are greatly appreciated!  It helps me build on my own studies while at the same time keep the Lord's Word parallel with the current events.  You are very much in tune.  Thank you for freely spreading the Lord's Word to people under circumstances such as myself.  I can tell that God has truly touched your hearts." - Antonio, Inmate, LA

"I want to thank you for the teaching you have been sending me.  God is continuing to use me to heal, deliver and minister the Baptism of The Holy Spirit.  We are seeing many lives changed!  We are being persecuted, they keep breaking up our groups but God always makes another way.  Thanks again for all you do." - Michael, Inmate, FL

"Thank you Jamie Carte for sending me the first of the year Teaching for 2016 . . . it has added to my walk with Jesus . . . "Established New Beginnings"!!!  God is doing new things in our lives as a family and body of Christ!" - L. Sheppard, VA

"First of all I would like to say thank you for your Monthly Teachings you've been sending me for two years now. They are greatly appreciated!  It helps me build on my own studies, while at the same time keep the Lord's Word parallel with the current events. You are very much in tune.  Thank you for freely spreading the Lord's Word to people under circumstances such as myself.  I can tell that God has truly touched your hearts." - A. McGhee, Inmate

"I've heard good things about your Ministries and the work you do.  I would like to take an active role in your program. Also, I gave my life to Christ through this Ministry.  May God continually bless you in all that you do.  Bro. Sweat let me read one of letters that changed my life." - Inmate, SC

"I was just writing back to let you know I do appreciate everything.  Thanks for staying in touch with me from month to month.  Also, I received your letter this month and it was a blessing to get the word of God.  I want you to know it means alot to me.  It made my day and uplifted my spirit." - Inmate, WV

"Thank you very much for your very encouraging letter!  Thank you again JCM for igniting my heart with anticipation and "watchfulness". - David - Inmate, WV

"I want you to know every time you correspond with me in any form I feel the Lord's presence so heavy even before I open it and as I read your words (he, The Holy Spirit) pours his love out on me and I weep.  You are the sweetest Mrs. Jamie Carte thank you for investing in my life!" - Partner, VA


"Thank you so much fro the Bible.  I received it a few weeks ag, but I am just now able to reach ou to you and let you know that.  Also I would like to thank you for keeping me as well as many others in prayer because we all need it.  It;s a lot of things I wasn't aware of that I now have the opportunity to get a chance to focus on and learn. Thank you so much for your time and effort and sending me my very own Bible." - Inmate, NC


Jamie Carte thank you for this Bible. This was amazing in such a dark time when the devil is fighting so had to destroy my faith. He  called out in a way he knows I would understand. L.B.

"I have been so encouraged and blessed just by listening to Jamie teach the Word. She is a powerful warrior of Jesus Christ!" - P. P.

"First, I would like to thank you all for the Bible. It's such a blessing and highly appreciated. I study daily. Reading the amazing storys of Jesus as well as the earlier prophets are breath taking and enlightening. Thanks again. Ricco - Inmate, WV

"I received your Hebrew/Gregorian calendar and the Study Bible you sent me and I thank you very much for these resources in the name of Yeshua Ha Mashiah (Jesus Christ) Both of these resources have come in handy already - the Bible came in handy on the very first day I received it." Matthew - Inmate, NJ

". . . show the world how wonderful and blessed this ministry really is. And I appreciate the Study Bible that was sent to me. I needed it and I will put it to great use! Thanks, Jamie Carte Ministries, I so grateful to be a part of this blessed Ministry." - Kelvin, WV Inmate

"I just wish to let you know I received by Bible that your Ministry so graciously had sent to me . . . I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for my new study Bible . . . A few other Inmates and me have started a Bible Study twice a week in my Cell and we are currently studying the Book of Romans. So you can see my new Bible is a Gift from people like your Ministry that do not give up on us in our incarceration and I can't thank you enough . . . God is working so much in my life I am truly blessed. . . Thank you to all at Jamie Carte Ministries." Gary - Inmate, WV

"I want to thank you for sending me the Study Bible. I was reading the message you sent about "Getting Ready!" Then as I went to the Word to read the Book of Daniel with a clear mind and open heart, I asked the Holy Spirit to reveal to me the meaning. Sister, you gave me a vision, because I knew was using you to send me that message to help me understand what I'm (we're) going through." -Timothy, Inmate, WV

"I would love to be able to give back to a Ministry who has given to me & others as well. I'm very thankful that such a true Ministry is helping us in Prison & everywhere for that matter." - Inmate US

"I am so excited and happy to have friends and partners like you. You have facilitated my ministry in a very big way. Every time people with low income come to the Lord, the biggest problem is how to acquire a Bible. . . I would like to inform you that all 100 English Bibles have arrived . . . Thank you so much for the initiative of making it possible to acquire these noble gifts . . . I feel so much honoured to have such wonderful favour from you. It is my prayer that God will continue to bless your Ministry!" Bishop J. - Uganda

"Thanks servants of God for your practical love of Christ. I was overwhelmed by Joy and excitement to meet you in person. It was a big surprise also to get your generous gift of 1,000 Dollars for the bibles ministry. My son Seth who is heading that department of discipleship training was so excited to hear the news of the gift and is very thankful. I will link you with him so that he could be giving you the progress of the training and how he will be issuing the bibles. The money you have donated will boast his department in a very big way." Bishop J. -Uganda (This was a donation in addition to the one from above. Praise The Lord!)

"I thank you for the Bible I really appreciate it. THIS IS THE NICEST BIBLE I EVER HAD IN MY LIFE . . . I really appreciate Jamie Carte Ministries for the Bible and the Letters you write. I'm a work in progress, but it definitely helps when your Letters and Words of Encouragement comes in the mail" Damon - WV Inmate

"I wanted to write you this letter and express my gratitude by saying thank you so much for the Bible you ordered and sent me. I received it yesterday and it is so nice and beautiful. I truly can't get over how nice and amazing it is. It's almost as if I can't put it down. I absolutely love the amazing features this Bible has such as the Study Notes that are located on the same page as the verse. It interprets difficult verses that is hard for me to understand and truly gives me such a better understanding of the Word! And it is really helping me with my Bible Study course. I am truly blessed to have received such a wonderful Bible and I have thanked the Lord on numerous occasions for this Bible and your help. I thank you again so much and really look forward to the awesome journey that is ahead of me as I use this Bible to become closer to our Heavenly Father as I learn more about Him." Johnathan - WV Inmate

"Thank you very much for the service that you have rendered to me personally, as well as the rest of the men and women that are incarcerated and in need of the HOPE that only Christ offers. Be blessed and continue to be a blessing unto others." - Inmate US

"I wanted to start my letter off by express my gratitude for the blessing I have receive from you. I have receive the Study Bible & I really really appreciate it. As I read the word of God & I run across a verse I don't understand I stroll down to the bottom of the Study or the text it helps me out. I really do appreciate you taking the time to send me a study Bible, I will cherish that blessing to the end of time. It brought a smile to my face because I have been feeling a little bit down. . ." Mr. Plaud - WV Inmate

"I want to thank you very much for the NIV Study Bible. It really helps me understand the scriptures and has great cross references. It is really helpful when I attend Bible Study with my brothers. God Bless each and every one of you at Jamie Carte Ministries for helping people that are suffering unfortunate times and needs a helping hand." William - WV Inmate

"First I would like to Thank God who is the head of my life and I want to Thank JCM for blessing me with a new Study Bible. This is the first time I ever reached out to a ministry and asked for help and I'm glad you brother and sister were there for me. I still got a littlewhile to go in this prison and I would like to continue my walk with your Ministry. Good people are hard to find but God's people are always good people. I just want to say Thank You JCM for your love and blessings." Terrence - Inmate

"First I would like to thank God who is the head of my life and I want to thank JCM for blessing me with a new Study Bible. I'm so happy to have good brothers and sisters who really love God and His Word. I want to say I love the Study Bible. It really helps me in my reading of Scripture and it helps me understand more each and everyday. I feel closer to my Creator, my Master and One who won't steer me wrong, my Heavenly Father. This is the first time I ever reached out to a Ministry and asked for help and I'm glad you Brother and Sister were there for me." - T. Howell -NC Inmate

"I was just writing back to let you know I do appreciate everything. Thanks for the Study Bible that you all sent me." Inmate - WV

"I want to thank you personally for the Bible I received. I'm enjoying it Jamie. Thank You Again. Also received the Monthly Teaching Letter. I really do need all that I can receive from you on the Word of Our Lord Jamie." Inmate - WV


"Dear Evangelist Carte, I enjoyed watching your program yesterday morning (Sunday, March 6, 2022.)  It was food to my soul.  You were talking about do not afraid and how Peter was walking on the water and then he was afraid.  I had to watch your entire show.  I want to thank you for your encouraging words letting us know do not be afraid.  I once was in Church but people began talking things that was not true about me and I got discouraged and did not want to go back to Church but thanks to you I have decided to go back to Church and stay tuned in with God." -  North Carolina

"I would like to say Hello to you Jamie and to everyone at the Ministries as well.  I hope this letter finds you all and are doing well!  I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart!  I will always be grateful for y'all.  Our Father and our Lord Jesus knew putting y'all on our TV Sunday Morning when I first say y'all in June of 2020.  He put me into the hands of an outstanding ministries and Teacher our Jamie of His Word our God! " - Inmate, FL 

"While being incarcerated, I saw your TV Program and the Lord spoke to me and said I was to write you. I have been connected with you ever since as a Partner! You stood with me in prayer and by faith throughout my time of incarceration for the many prayer needs I had. As I was released from prison, the Lord supplied everything I needed to start my life again. Everything I had sown seeds for while connected with your Ministry as a Partner was now being supplied to me. God has been so good to me, how could I not share the good stuff he's done for me and continues to do in my life." - Ohio (ex-inmate)

"Jamie I have learned so much from listening to you. You are a joy to watch - the love of Our Lord just shines on your face. I sure love to hear you explain the things to come." North Tazewell, VA

"I truly enjoy your teachings and I have learned so much. Thank you for listening to the Lord and obeying him and doing your program."

- Virginia

"My husband I enjoy watching your teachings on the "New  Beginnings" channel on Roku.  Your anointed and knowledgeable teaching has inspired us. God Bless!" - Georgia

"Your teaching on the Blood Covenant has moved me to a deeper walk with God.  It was just awesome.  It made me want to share with others how serious Jesus' death was and all the history it entailed. God Bless you and your ministry!" - Facebook

I truly enjoy your Program. I have learned so much. I share my DVD's with everyone. And they love them . . . I have learned so much in watching you . . . Thank you again for explaining the Bible so we can understand it better." - Virginia

"WOW!!! How The Holy Spirit has spoke to me. I had turned the TV on and was flipping channels when I came to your Show . . . I watched for a few moments and then changed it. As soon as I did, The Lord said, "Go back to that channel and watch it. I want to teach you things you need to know." So I went back to your Program and could feel so strongly The Lord speaking through both of you . . . I was filled with so much joy and strength - it was amazing, Thank you." - Virginia


"Quite possibly the best book on the subject (second to the Bible of course) that you will EVER read on the subject of covenant." - Facebook

"I'm in love with your book and CD's! I thank God for you!" - Facebook

"Jamie Carte has written a wonderful book entitled "The Bride & The Blood Covenant Ceremony". It outlines a great truth about the love of God for His people and the power of His covenant to us. I highly recommend Jamie's book to the babe in Christ, as well as to those that have known Him as Savior for many years. It gave me an understanding of the blood covenant, even though I have been a Christian for more than forty years." - Facebook

"Just started reading this book and I can't put it down! Thank You Jamie!" - Facebook

"Wow...what an incredible read! I was drawn back to a couple of chapters to re-read, as I absorbed these earthly rituals which signify deep, deep heavenly meanings. Wholeness. Synergy. Completion. Commitment. Eternity. I don't think I can walk away from this reading without a much, much broader understanding of Christ and the Church! How God loves us! How He wants us to understand that love and walk in its fullness!"

"You sent me your precious book, The Bride & The Blood Covenant Ceremony in the mail and that same morning before your book came I was reading a devotional on Psalm 118, about God's love for us! When your book came and I began to read it, it confirmed in my spirit the love God wants me to know. That he will never leave or reject me. Thank you again for sowing your time and talents into those who desperately need you. This is what your ministry has done for me and to all those to come. Psalm 118:13-14 Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and the rivers in the desert. Isaiah 43:19- Partner, VA


"My daughter just texted me that her husband went to the oncologist today and he said the doctor isn't concerned he doesn't see anything in his blood!  But we both know it's the blood of Jesus cleansed him of all unrighteousness.  Thank you all for standing in agreement for his healing." -  Robin - VA

" To Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Praise the Lord!  I have been healed and totally delivered from depression.   For the first time in 20 years my mind is clear!  No Anxieties.  Thank You Lord!   Thank you so much to everyone who uplifted me in prayer.   I really appreciate it.  God Bless You!  Love in Christ." - Webpage Prayer Request

"God is so faithful and so are you there at the Ministry.  Thank everyone there for me for the faithful prayers sent up on her behalf.  I just want y'all to know I love you so much.  What a blessing you are to my life.  I get a stirring in my spirit every time I write to y'all or get an email from you.  Thank you for standing in the gap for my daughter.  And thank you ALL for giving your life to this Ministry." - Partner, VA

"Dear Jamie, I want to thank you for your prayers for my mother.  Today she is leaving the hospital.  The treatment will continue at home.  It was a time of many fights, but also of many victories!  Jesus has heard your prayers for her!  Now I know that HE will continue to heal her completely, because HE is faithful, He is good and His love, faithfulness and grace last forever!  May HE bless you at all times!!!  I count on your prayers that the Lord will complete the work of complete restoration in the life of My beloved mother." - Alex (Webpage)

"Hello Sister Jamie  I have the good report! My daughters test came back negative!  My granddaughter cleared up after two days!!  God is so good, if we will just have faith for what he has already done for us.  I love you and your team there  thank you for standing with me against the enemy.  I'm praying for new beginnings this 8 month!  Thank You again Blessings to you and the ministry. Love, Robin" - VA

"I have rededicated my life to Christ. My view on life is so much more than I ever imagined. Christ and the spirit of Christ is flowing through me lake a rush of pure goodness! I am grateful for whatever God provides and for ministries devoted like yours to help people in my situation. I am proof that God can change the heart, that it's never too late to start over . . ."  Kelly - WV Inmate


"Thank you for Your passion and faithfulness.  I am here on this end receiving all of it.  I am so thankful for your teachings, his word." - Facebook

"I so enjoy learning and knowing about the feasts of god!  That is what I love About JCM is that they teach on these feasts and the importance of them to god!" - Partner, Ohio


"Your ministry is a blessing to me.  You speak truth directly from the Word, and with clarity and understanding!  I have been fed with your ministry!" - P. P. WV 

"I Found The Word Of Life Center Page And Listened To The Podcast On Faith, Part 1. This Encouraged Me So Much, Hearing Practical Ways To Use The Word Of God To Call Things Into My Life That I Am Believing For!  Keep Letting God Use You!"  - WV

Outreach Praise Reports And Invitations

"Can't tell you how blessed I am to have received Gods message through you. We met in 2007. I was a heartbroken single mom. We prayed over my husband. You shared for me to praise God for my husband pray for him and his family. I didn't know who he was but God did. So I did. I worked on loving me and loving God. 6 months later I met that husband God hand picked for me. We celebrate our 6 years anniversary June 27. God used you to prepare me for the husband he had. I've seen Gods miracles through your ministry! So blessed by God but he used you to teach me." - Facebook

"Our desire is to learn, we request you to send to us books and DVD's to learn how to serve The Lord and to follow Him" - Tanzania, East Africa

"Thank you so very much for your letters and support. I enjoy receiving your Newsletters and I am so excited to receive my new Bible. It is the Faith and the kindness of people such as yourselves that keep my Spirit, Faith & Hope in the Lord alive. God Bless You All" Jeffrey - Inmate, WV

"I give you invitation . . . To win the souls of Pakistan. Please accept our invitation & come & preach in Healing Crusade & Leadership Conference for the Glory of God." - Pastor in Pakistan

"I am on plea to you . . . Great need to invite you to come and see us and preach the Gospel to us in Jesus Name." Rev. Kurgat - Kenya, East Africa

"We need you here to come preach the Gospel in Togo, West Africa!"

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If you would like to contact us with your Praise Report, we would be happy to hear from you!  Just fill out the form below and if it is ok with you that we share your "Praise" with others on our webpage, please note that in the "message" section of the form.  It would be great to encourage others with what God has done and is doing in your lives!