The Bride


Rev. 22:17 - "And the spirit and the
Bride say, Come . . ." 

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How honored we are that you have visited the Website of Jamie Carte Ministries.  At this Ministry we are committed to live through our personal lives and this Ministry with integrity, character, purity, meekness, and boldness.  We shall reach the nations for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  He, His Bride, and the furtherance of His Kingdom is our Ministry.  We shall not stop until His precious Bride, the Glorious Church is completely free and full of faith.  We shall assist Her in the preparation of Her wedding day with Her Bridegroom, Jesus.  For the Bride shall make Herself ready.  And She shall be without stain or blemish. (Ephesians 5:27)

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The Lady in Waiting
On March 19, 2002, while writing in my journal, the Holy Spirit came upon me, speaking to me concerning the very specific call He has on my life. As I was writing, my emotions swelled within me. And it was as though I didn’t even have to think. Words were just coming to me and flowing out of me.  As they did I began to write them down in my journal.  The following is what the Lord said to and through me:

I Love You! I ask in Jesus Name that I’d go into the chambers of the Bride, that I’d bandage her wounds and pains, (have ointment from the Bridegroom).  That I’d not be her Wedding Coordinator that makes the lists, but the Lady in Waiting that puts her lotion on, who helps her step into the wedding gown, who sees her in her crinoline and torso, who puts her hair, her glory, on her head and places her veil of humility and purity upon her precious head, that I'd place the remaining adornments of gifts, the Bridegroom has bought for her.  The gifts . . . the earrings, the pearls, the shoes that hold the gospel of peace, the ring of promise (engagement ring) the promise that He’d be there to join her on that special day of return.  That I’d brush her face with colors of blush and lipstick to ready her to stand face to face with her Love and Bridegroom.  That my tongue would drip of love letters from the Bridegroom sent to her private chambers where she awaits messages from her Love.  That I’d speak Joy and Peace and Rest while she awaits Him in her chambers.  That my feet would be beautiful to you Jesus as I bring her good news from You.  That I’d sing love songs back to You to help her in learning them to sing to You Jesus!  That I’d not have self ambition, only love for her and You in Jesus Name! - Given to me today!  I Love You Master.  I Submit.

Your Daughter,  Jamie

Jesus, pour and mold me , prepare me, to be the Handmaiden for this work in Jesus Name. Amen.”

The Lady in Waiting can be trusted by Jesus to go into His Bride’s chambers, where She is waiting for Him, to tend to Her needs.  The Lady in Waiting is trusted with an ointment from the Bridegroom to give to the Bride.  This ointment would heal Her chafed skin from the dryness of the world, from the roughness and wear and tear of a world that has not honored Her.  The Lady in Waiting won’t hurt the Bride, or forget about Her. She won’t make fun of Her or tear Her apart.  The Lady in Waiting is trusted with the Brides’ emotions and physical needs.  She will encourage Her, not tear Her down.  The Lady in Waiting is trusted to carry love letters from the Bridegroom that are dripping of His love for Her, His Beautiful Bride. Letters, that could be breathed only by the Bridegroom Himself. Letters and messages that are trusted to the Lady in Waiting, for only she is allowed to enter into this most private and holy place. 

The Bride longs to hear her feet running down the long corridor to Her chambers. For She knows that when the Lady in Waiting arrives, Her deepest and intimate needs will be met. Why? Because the Lady in Waiting has been with Her Bridegroom and is carrying the sweet words spoken by the Bridegroom for the ears of His “intended.”  The Lady in Waiting loves the Bride. Her passion for Her and Her Bridegroom runs deep. The Lady in Waiting is trusted to touch any part of the Bride’s body to serve Her, wash Her, feed Her, and give Her drinks when She’s thirsty for Her Love’s water. The Lady in Waiting is just that . . . she is a person who will wait with the Bride for Her Bridegroom. She is one that is a servant to the Bride on behalf of the Bridegroom.
For this, I commit my entire life.
Jamie Carte
             the bride before the wedding

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