The following word was given by Jeremy Lopez in Chicago, Illinois at a prophetic conference in January 2009.
"Hear Oh, Israel! The Fire Shall Walk Again in Jerusalem," says the Lord!
"Hear oh, Israel, the Lord your God shall come to you again," says the Lord!  "I will begin to walk again in your midst.  I brought you together in 1948 like a mother hen gathering together her young.  You have been My prize, My heart and My passion.  I will come to revive you once more," says the Lord!  "The Fire, My Son, walked among you 2,000 years ago, but I say, He shall walk in your midst again," says the Lord!  "For He will not come in the same flesh He did 2,000 years ago but He shall come clothed in the flesh of His Bride," says the Lord.  "For even now, I am beginning to turn the heart of My Bride towards you, oh Israel.  I will begin to walk again down the streets of Jerusalem.  I will begin to walk down Via Dolorosa once more!”

"I will begin to awaken the prize of hope that was purchased on the Cross, in and around your cities, oh Israel.  I will enter your streets with My passion, My love, My heart and My salvation!  My Fire, which is My Bride, shall enter your cities with the message you have longed for. The message of the Promised One, the Messiah.  The message that you have hidden within your heart and have said, 'Jehovah, where is the promise of your coming?' For I have been with you the whole time—moving in your midst through My Bride, the Church.  My Bride shall begin to hold your young and old in their arms to tell them about My love.  My vision for you, oh Israel, is to know Me, the real Me through My Son, Yeshua Mashiach.”
"Know Me in victory again like in the days of Moses, but also know Me for the first time as your salvation!  You have longed for thousands of years to know, enjoy and experience it. You have heard and read about the Exodus, now know the Exodus has returned to you again, but not through My servant Moses, nor through the prophets of old, but through My Bride. She is My beloved! She is the one who carries My mantle now Open yourself and allow Her to show you the heart of humanity that was broken and left for dead in the potter's field. Let Her tell you how I picked up humanity's heart and restored it from the miry clay and placed it back into My bosom," says Jehovah"I will return again to Jacob's well," says the Lord.  "oh Israel, how you sit day after day at Jacob's well to draw the same water you have for thousands of years.  I will return again to Jacob's well to meet you, just like I met with the Samaritan woman.  But this time, I will send My Bride in My place to come to you like the mother hen again to say, 'He has water that will satisfy you. Yeshua has what you need to satisfy your thirst.”
"I will return to you again this hour in My Bride.” . . . "For My Bride will do great exploits through My Son in your presence to show you that I still am and always will be I Am.  For I tell you, My Bride has come with My message to seek and save that which was lost.  Oh Israel, you are that which has been lost. Tossed away by the nations who have misunderstood, mocked and hated you.” . . . “I have come once more to burn a Fire of passion in your cities, oh Israel.  Listen to Me, for I Am the key you have been looking for.  My Fire shall return to you once more!  The armies of the world can cast their spells upon you, but I say you will find refuge in Me," says the Lord.  "Jerusalem, Jerusalem how I long to hold you once more.” . . . "Remember how I burned with fire in the bush to Moses?  My Bride shall be the bush that will burn this hour with the passion of My love for you, oh Israel!  Receive My Fire, which is My Bride!  For she has come to nurture, to hold and to restore you back to Me," says the Lord.”
"My Bride has the nurturing spirit of Me, El Shaddai.  Out of My deep, I will begin to call your deep to awaken to your destiny.  For destiny shall come to you, oh Israel!  I will feed you and give you the nourishment you have been longing for. The mother hen has returned to you once more oh, Israel. I will hold you in the palm of My hand and not even the host of hell shall harm you again, for you are My people. For I have never forgotten you ever!" says the Lord.” . . . “He is ever making intercession on your behalf, My people.  Will you embrace Him as He walks through His Bride in your streets again?  Will you grab hold once more of the hem of His garment? He desires to restore your loss of blood where the nations have scarred you and left you for dead. Oh Israel, pull upon His garment and receive the gift of life that He has given for you," says the Lord. "For you will continue to burn in Yeshua's heart until you find your way back to the Fathers heart, which is His Son."