As many of you know by now, The Lord has instructed Dewayne and I to be a part of a Mission of building two Campuses, "Mahanaim" for Him.  The Campuses will have many forms of Ministry, Discipleship, Training, Services from within and Services going out.  On the Campuses will also be a Church on each one.  The Churches are called The Word of Life.  We would like to extend to you an invitation.
An Invitation To Pray And Seek The Lord If You Are To Be A Part Of This Mission.

There are many areas to be utilized in.  Of course, praying and interceding, covering us and the Mission in prayer is vital.  There are also areas of Building, Construction, Ministering, Praise and Worship, Music, Serving, Membership/Serving in the Local Church Body, Discipleship, Media, TV Ministry, Funding and Giving and so many more!
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Image result for free images of construction
We ask you to seriously ask The Lord if you are called to this Mission.  Seek Him about this opportunity and see what He would have you to do.  This is His Project and we want to have it His Way, His Timing with His People that He chooses.  With all the decisions and discussions we have you will hear Dewayne and I saying, "It's His Decision." 
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We're praying for you and bless you as you seek The Master to see if your heart and your destiny are tied to this Mission!
- Dewayne and Jamie