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"Yes Church, This Is Really Happening!"
     To begin this Monthly Teaching Letter, I want to write you and let you know that Dewayne and I and most importantly The Lord loves you so much!  As I write to you, I am experiencing a wonderful love for you come over me.  I truly know THE TIME THAT WE ARE LIVING IN as seen in The Word of God and on the TV as I see Prophecy unfolding and I want to express as sincerely as I know how in this Letter, that you are loved.  You are special and designed for this time.  You are tougher than you think you are.  God has made you with a very unique makeup for Days that we are in.  Have NO FEAR and NO ANXIETY and NO WORRY.  We are MORE THAN CONQUERORS!  Which means we are MORE THAN WINNERS!  WE WIN . . . AND GET MORE ON TOP OF THAT!  While you read this Teaching Letter, remember . . . "We have come into The Kingdom for such a time as this!" 

     We began this year with talking about how much numbers mean words in the Hebrew.  And that the number "14" has many meanings.  One meaning that we have focused on has been that "14" means Double Anointing.  We have in detail written HOW WE WILL BE ENTITLED TO OPERATE IN THAT DOUBLE ANOINTING in the February 2014 Teaching Letter.  We have to utterly and absolutely live a life of obedience to God and His Word just like Jesus did when he walked the Earth, in order to be able to function in this Year of "14" Double Anointing and throughout our entire lives!  Just a short recap from February Teaching Letter:

       "Jesus ONLY DID WHAT HE SAW THE FATHER DOING and Jesus ONLY SPOKE WHAT HE HEARD THE FATHER SAYING!  "So Jesus added, When you have lifted up the Son of Man [on the cross], you will realize (know, understand) that I am He [for Whom you look] and that I DO NOTHING of Myself (of My own accord or on My own authority), but I SAY [EXACTLY] WHAT MY FATHER HAS TAUGHT ME. 29 And He Who sent Me is ever with Me; My Father has not left Me alone, for I always do what pleases Him. 30 As He said these things, many believed in Him [trusted, relied on, and adhered to Him]." (John 8:28-30 (AMP)) 

     And in John 8:26 (NLT),
"I have much to say about you and much to condemn, but I won't For I say only what I have heard from the one who sent me, and he is completely truthful." . . . "You and I cannot live our lives in 2014 and for the rest of our lives and expect to operate in the DOUBLE ANOINTING, the DOUBLE GOODNESS, the DOUBLE BLESSING of God and not obey what The Bible and The Master says!  Remember, He said in John 14:21, "The person who has my commands and keeps them is the one who [really] loves Me;
and whoever [really] loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I [too] will love him and will show (reveal, manifest) Myself to him. [I will let Myself be clearly seen by him and make Myself real to him.]"    
     "The Most Requested Teaching of JCM"
     Many, many words were discovered when I was researching the word meanings of the number "14."  And much to my surprise, one word that we are going to go over with this Teaching is one that if you have been plugged into JCM for a while you will be stunned as I was when I seen it.  On 16 August 2011, The Lord spoke a Word to me as I was writing the following Teaching Letter . . . it was, "The Locusts Are Coming!"  For many months following this Word from The Lord, I researched the word "Locusts" and WHO THEY WERE BIBLICALLY and HISTORICALLY.  The Revelation that came to The Body of Christ through this prophetic Word was simply overwhelming to all who read and heard and watched the Teachings that were birthed from it.  "The Locusts Are Coming!" Series has been the most requested Teachings and Resources of Jamie Carte Ministries tenure to distribute and still doing so today.  Let's continue with more exposure of the word meanings of "14" since we are now living in the prophetic realm of our lives. 

     Another word that "14" means is
LOCUST.  The Locust are the people of Islam or the people from Ishmael.  And The Lord has said, "The Locusts Are Coming! That is why we have seen such an increase of Islam or the Locusts beginning in this year of 2014.  Let us not forget the rise of ISIS, the horrendous beheadings of men that has been televised for the World to see and the brutal treatment of Christians by the people of Islam throughout the entire World!  The year of "14" is the year of the LOCUSTS and that is exactly what we have begun to see manifest in this prophetic year of "14"!  Jussome of the scriptures used to describe the Locusts (Islam or Muslim) people are:
Joel 1:6-7 (AMP), "For a [heathen and hostile] nation [of locusts, illustrative of a human foe] has invaded My land, mighty and without number; its teeth are the teeth of a lion, and it has the jaw teeth of a lioness. 7 It has laid waste My vine [symbol of God's people] and barked and broken My fig tree; 
Judges 7:12, "And the Midianites and the Amalekites and all the children of the east lay along in the valley like grasshoppers for multitude; and their camels were without number, as the sand by the sea side for multitude."  The Amalekites are descendants of Esau, the twin of Jacob. Amalek is a son of Esau's first-born son Eliphaz, from where the Amalekites come from.  The Strong's word for "grasshopper" or "locusts" is "arbeh" (which sounds like "Arab!") 

Proverbs 30:27 (AMP) tells us, "The locusts have no king, yet they go forth all of them by bands;" 
     The Islam religion believes that their "messiah" will come and he will be called their Mahdi.  He will come when great destruction and chaos is going on in the Earth.  He will overtake with force some countries and yet some will just join with him.  This Islam "messiah" or Mahdi will be the Anti-Christ.  The Anti-Christ will be a Muslim leader and he will come from The Locust and the people of Islam or who The Bible refers to as Locusts shall follow him.  The Locusts with the Anti-Christ will destroy much in this Earth and will use force to get those here on Earth to follow, submit to and pledge their allegiance and lives to the Anti-Christ.  There is SO MUCH THAT YOU MUST LEARN AND UNDERSTAND ABOUT THE LOCUSTS AND THEIR "TAKE-OVER!"  We encourage you to get informed and see and understand the Biblical prophecies that are happening RIGHT NOW or are being SET UP for this horrible time in History, Church!  The vast research done and the biblical history studied was so vast on the Locusts, we will not overview it in this Teaching Letter.  If you would like these eye opening Teachings by JCM, please contact JCM.

     In praying, The Lord revealed to me that He wanted me to reveal three (3) issues to you.  One is that "14" means the word "Locusts."  The second is that the season of Spring is a time in the natural that many things "come to life" and in the spiritual realm, many things "come to life."  (This is on the sides of both good and evil.)  And the third issue He has been speaking to my heart is, "The Arab Spring." 

On 17 December 2010 a man in Tunisia by the name of Mohamed Bouazizi who was a street vender became extremely upset and overwhelmed by the oppression that he and his people were under.  The "government" and municipal officials were severely tormenting the people.  On 17 December 2010, the officials took Mohamed Bouazizi's weight scales that he used for his business and took his money.  To prove to the World the oppression he was under he set himself on fire.  It was shown across the World on Television, Youtube and social media sources.  On 18 December 2010 the Arab people took to the streets in protest against their officials and government and this was the first day and the birth of The Arab Spring that was a result of this man's actions.  According to the Wikipedia, The Arab Spring is a term for "the revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protest (both non-violent and violent), riots and civil wars in the Arab world that began on 18 December 2010."  "By December 2013, rulers have been forced from power in Tunisia, Egypt (twice), Libya, and Yemen civil uprisings have erupted in Bahrain and Syria major protests have broken out in Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco and Sudan . . ."  

     There are many more countries and places that have risen up and rioted.  And as stated earlier, leaders have even been forced from their offices of power.  What do these countries and places ALL have in common?  They are all Arab or Islam.  In the Days of the End of Times, it was told to the Prophet Daniel what it would be like before and during the Anti-Christ's short reign here on Earth.  In Daniel 11:41-43 (AMP) it reads, "He shall enter into the Glorious Land [Palestine] and many shall be overthrown, but these shall be delivered out of his hand: Edom, Moab and the main [core] of the people of Ammon. 42 He shall stretch out his hand also against the [other] countries, but the land of Egypt shall not be among the escaped ones. 43 But he shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver and over all the precious things of Egypt, and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall accompany him [compelled to follow his steps]." 

     Now, let's break this down.  Before the Anti-Christ can "enter the Glorious Land" which is Jerusalem and set up his, if you will, headquarters and then set up the image of the Anti-Christ or the Beast (for he will require worship of himself and this image from his followers in the Temple that will be built in Jerusalem) there are certain things that must happen and be prepared for the Anti-Christ.  There will be countries and places that he will not let "escape" him and that he will "have power over" and others that will submit and just surrender to him without conflict.

     The Bible says that Edom, Moab and the people of Ammon will be "delivered out of his hand."  Edom is the people who descended from Esau.  The Moabites are from the mountains of modern Jordan and have been in repeated historical conflict with Israel.  The people of Ammon are also in Jordan.  Ammon is modern Jordan's capital.  All three of these places are in modern Jordan and the people are almost entirely Muslim within these countries.  The people of these lands will all three willingly go with and allow the Anti-Christ to rule over them and that is why they will be "delivered out of his hand." (Verse 41)  They will not go through conflict with the Anti-Christ, they will enter into him on their own without a fight.

     Verse 42 and 43 of Daniel tells us specifically that Egypt will not escape the Anti-Christ's rulership nor will the Libyans and the Ethiopians.  Egypt's leaders have been overthrown twice and there is no real Leadership in place that is controlling Egypt, everyone holds the title of "acting" in front of their titles because no one is really leading.  Libya has had their Leader, Muammar Gaddafi and government forced out by the people also.  In both cases of Egypt and Libya there has been an emergency or interim government set up and created because of the collapse of their governments. 

     Ethiopia was at one time a Christian Nation, but Islam now has taken it over.  Somalia, which is connected to Ethiopia, is where the Islam pirates are attacking many at sea and killing, kidnapping and stealing their possessions.  Sudan, also connected, is where many Christians and non-Muslims are being enslaved, tortured and killed.  All three of these places are in Africa and in "the horn of Africa."  A "horn" is a symbol of strength.  And the Muslim terrorist and murderers are running these places now.  So, Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan, that are connected and in Africa, are out of control and have no definite leadership and order in their lands.

     In order for the Anti-Christ to come into or enter into "The Glorious Land" (Jerusalem) where he will set up his image for worship in the Temple, many lands, people and countries will have to "be overthrown" and will not "escape" the Anti-Christ.  "Egypt" and "Libya" and "Ethiopia" have been stripped and are ready for someone to take them over RIGHT NOW!  Church, as You are watching the uprisings and government takeovers (including our own here in America) know HOW CLOSE WE ARE FOR THE COMING OF THE LORD!  Daniel told us these things would happen in Egypt, Libya and Ethiopia (African land)!  Daniel, himself was told about the Anti-Christ's Kingdom here on Earth and the SPECIFIC PLACES ARE PRIME AND PREPARED AND HAVE BEEN OVERTHROWN AND READY FOR HIM TO OVERTAKE!  And this is happening BEFORE THE RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH, RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES!

     Remember, this all started in The Arab Spring.  The Arab Spring will be used to bring into history the Anti-Christ's reign.  And the Locusts are swarming again worldwide . . . "The Locusts Are Coming!"  And let us not forget, "14" also means "Locusts."  This is the most exciting time to be alive!  Daniel would have LOVED to have been alive seeing all of this unfold before his eyes!  "Yes, Church This Is Really Happening Before Our Eyes!"  We have been called to The Kingdom For Such A Time As This!  You and I have been specifically designed by Father God to withstand and endure this time!  It's US!  It's NOW!  It's TIME!  Do what you hear The Master telling you to do.  Say only what you have heard The Master say.  Stay WITH Him!  Don't move an inch away from Him!  Stay close to The Lord and The Kingdom!  This is your TIME IN HISTORY TO SHINE in this darkness and turmoil!  And SHINE WE WILL IN JESUS NAME!

     Have no fear Church, this is what we were born to do!  Live life in the abundance of God, in His Ways and By His Kingdom!  We love you Partners, thank you for sending this out for Free to others!  Thank you for your prayers and financial support!  You are our heroes and champions to us all!  STAY IN YOUR WORD DAILY!  Talk to The Master daily!  Keep your eyes ahead and steady!

                                 Keep Getting Ready, Jesus Is Coming!


PLEASE NOTE:  At the time of production, being assembled and ready for mailing of this Monthly Teaching Letter, Russia has invaded Ukraine.  Surely, The Bible and it's prophecies are unfolding RIGHT NOW!  One Last Note.  The people of Islam believe that their messiah, the Imam Mahdi - "The Guided One" will arise to power and will lead the World to become Muslim (This will be The Anti-Christ.)  The Islam religion also believes that their messiah, the Mahdi is not the son of God, for Allah has no children!  As we are in the Christmas Season, know Beloved of God that Jesus IS GOD'S SON AND HE IS THE FIRSTBORN!  And Father God has many more children - and that is you and I if we have surrendered our lives to God.  In the religion of Islam, the people are commanded to die for their God (Allah).  In the Family of Father God, He died for His Family! 

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