In The Days of” . . .

“The Burst forth!


On the 29th and 30th of October 2015 -

I heard The Lord say to me, “birthing pains.” 

He continued to speak to me . . . 

 “The World is the Womb and the Calamities and Destruction throughout the World is the World convulsing and heaving.  These are the “birth pains.”  They will become stronger and more frequent as the delivery happens.  THE HEAD HAS ALREADY BEEN DELIVERED OUT OF THE WOMB!  THE HEAD IS JESUS OF NAZARETH.  He was delivered out of the World.  WHAT IS LEFT IS THE BODY OF JESUS, WHO IS THE CHURCH!  The “birthing pains” will deliver the Body of Christ in The Rapture of His Body or the “delivery” of His Body! 

You call the World, “Mother Earth” and rightly so.  The Earth, The Womb will deliver The Body of Christ and the “birth pains” will cause the Earth to push The Body out of Her.  The “Plagues” and Catastrophes of this World (the “birth pains”) will be the Delivery Process.  The “Squeeze” you feel Body of Christ in your lives, families and all areas of your lives are due to the World PUSHING YOU OUT.   As The Days and Hours before The Rapture are at hand, you will continue to feel the “Squeeze” from the World.  The World wants you OUT OF HER!  Body, You are at the AGE and SIZE and MATURITY to be delivered out of the Womb of the World!  THE HEAD, JESUS IS OUT OF THE CANAL AND YOU ARE WITHIN THE BIRTHING CANAL AND BEING PUSHED OR “Squeezed” OUT RIGHT NOW!  It will continue to be messy!  The Birth Process always is!”