"For you have done Church the way you have wanted long enough!  It is My Time, it is Their Time to see and experience ME like never before!  It is Time for the Outpouring that I have promised so many years ago.  It will be simple.  It will be dynamic and explosive and the most exhilarating thing you can imagine, thus saith The Lord!"   "Come and join Me.  For, I will make you TRUE Fishers of Men!  There's nothing like it in this World! 
Come be a part of what I'm doing, saith The Lord!"
2016 Declaration  
 "WE ARE THE "NEW - YET, ESTABLISHED!"  WE ARE "SET-UP" FOR VICTORY!  THERE IS A SUPERNATURAL ANOINTING ON US and OUR NEW ESTABLISHMENTS, STRUCTURES, CHURCHES and BUSINESSES FOR "ACCEPTANCE" and "RECOGNITION" FROM THE LORD FOR HIS GLORY!  We accept and will do what King Jesus is telling us to do, without apology!  We are The Army of God and We Will Not Retreat or Back Down!  We Will "BEGIN," "START" and "BUILD" what The Commander and Chief tells us to!  WE will not tolerate fear and worry . . . The King, Himself will provide our needs!  This is His ASSIGNMENT and He will FINISH what He STARTS!  For, this is the Year of "16" that shall abundantly bring forth for me, "NEW BEGINNINGS" - that The Master, The Chief Cornerstone and Carpenter will "ESTABLISH" in the Earth!  There is NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE for my King!  And just like Mary accepted her Assignment in the Earth, so do I!  "May It Be Unto Me As You Have Said, Lord!"  I commit, in Jesus Name!, SO BE IT!"