People Are Sharing With Us How God Is Touching Their Lives And Giving Them Revelation Into His Word As They Read,
"The Bride & The Blood Covenant Ceremony!"

 MANY ARE CHANGED AS THEY READ THIS BOOK!   We Want To Share Their Testimonies With You To Encourage You As You Prepare To Begin Your Journey Through This Book As Well!
"Wow...what an incredible read! In our modern world, not even our possessions are built with permanence in mind. Everything's disposable, expendable, made only to last a few years. Little wonder, since even our relationships are viewed as temporary or replaceable or one-generational...when any difficulties arise, we've already left ourselves an out. Not so in covenant! I was drawn back to a couple of chapters to re-read, as I absorbed these earthly rituals which signify deep, deep heavenly meanings. Wholeness. Synergy. Completion. Commitment. Eternity. I don't think I can walk away from this reading without a much, much broader understanding of Christ and the Church! How God loves us! How He wants us to understand that love and walk in its fullness! READ THE BRIDE AND THE BLOOD COVENANT CEREMONY! Well-researched and well-articulated, Jamie!"   
- L. Crum, Delbarton, WV
"It is time for round two . . . to read this powerful and wonderful Book again and receive more.  I will continue to glean from the pages of the Lord's love for me His Bride (us).  I must say it because I am soooo close to Him just like John . . . loved by Christ Jesus my Beloved W O W --- I am forever changed by this long awaited Book of yours Jamie . . . the Blood of Jesus has new meaning in my life because of your teaching from this Book that He has taught and given to you, Jamie my Sister and Friend So very beautiful.  Thank U Jesus what a difference U have made in my life thru this Book . . . it is opening New Doors!!!  HALLELUJAH!!!!" - Facebook 
"This book will open our eyes thru the mysteries of Blood Covenant from God thru the Word and deepen our love walk with our Savior Jesus Christ.  It is a must read and easy to understand. It brings tears of change and joy with each chapter.  This book thru the author Jamie Carte will change your life.  I am a life that is changed from reading her book. She is a great author." - Arlington, TX
"Hi Jamie. . .I finished the book.  I read it one chapter at a time.  There was so much information that I had to read a chapter and digest it before I could go on.  I love the cover of the book and also the paper and print.  I love that you enclosed a bookmark.  I rarely use a bookmark as a reading guide but I did with this book.  The information is so deep and it was so foreign to me that using a guide helped me to process what I was reading.  I never really thought about what the meaning of a Blood Covenant Ceremony. But, after reading your book, I understand it better and I was even able to visualize each ceremony that you described.  This is such a unique book.  You did a wonderful job of making me understand how important and serious these ceremonies were to God.  I now have a deeper understanding of the POWER in the Blood of Jesus."       -M. Forsythe, Victor, WV
"I am learning so much from this book that I didn't pay much attention to before, about Covenants.  If you're thinking on getting this book, purchase it ASAP!"
 -  M. Jones, Williamson, WV                                             
. . . walking ankle and knee deep in raw flesh, blood, guts, and entrails . . . even the musicians!"  As I read that I can see our Savior and His raw flesh, blood, exposed organs. etc. . . . This book always brings you back to the Cross." 
D. Watson, Sugarland, TX

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