Dewayne and Jamie Carte are both Ordained Ministers, Senior Ministers of Jamie Carte Ministries and Pastors of  Word of Life Churches, one located  here in West Virginia and the other upcoming  in Wilmington, NC. They were brought together by God when they met at their Church.  Dewayne and Jamie married in December 1999.  Jamie served as the Youth Minister for eight years and Dewayne and Jamie both served as Youth Ministers together for four years.  Jamie served as the Praise and Worship Leader for eight years and served on the Ministerial Staff for six years, while Dewayne served on the Ministerial Staff and was an Elder for nine years.


In 2003 The Lord began to show Dewayne and Jamie that the call on their lives was broadening to go into all the World and Evangelize the lost and assist the Bride of Christ, The Church to enter into a healthy, loving, and strong relationship with Jesus Christ.  They stepped out by faith in following the call on their lives and formed Jamie Carte Ministries.

In June of 2016, The Lord started speaking "Mahanaim" to Dewayne and Jamie.  He spoke this Word to them several times.  After research of this Word they found it to mean "two camps."  After earnestly seeking The Master, he uncovered His Plan to them.  The Lord asked them to begin two Churches.  He specifically spoke to them to begin one in the Mountains and one by the Sea.  And even more specifically, the one by the Ocean would be in the Wilmington, NC area.  Therefore, they accepted His request and have begun on this amazing journey of answering the calling on their lives to Pastor these two Churches.

Dewayne, Jamie, The JCM Board of Directors, and all of the JCM Family are dedicated to the Mission of Teaching The Church how to be free through The Word of God and His Spirit.  Dewayne serves as the President and Overseer of JCM while Jamie serves as the Vice President.  Dewayne and Jamie live at Hico, WV.

Jamie Carte has been given a special Gift from God. This Gift is not something that Jamie or Dewayne takes lightly. Through the Prophetic Gifting, Anointed Preaching and Teaching of the Word of God, Evangelist, Author and Bible Teacher Jamie Carte is able to reach the lost and teach the Bride of Christ to prepare for the return of The Bridegroom, Jesus Christ. Jamie's testimony of how Jesus brought her through many difficult times of drinking, drug abuse, the experience of abortion and Jesus healing her of a life threatening incurable disease breaks the bonds of captivity in many lives!

Dewayne and Jamie both minister The Word of God through speaking engagements, JCM's weekly Television Broadcast  "Getting Ready With Jamie Carte", through daily 
Internet Teachings, Prophetic Teachings of The Word of God  through a FREE Written Publication Monthly mailed out from JCM all over the World.  Book Publications are also available from JCM.  Other avenues JCM ministers is through Teachings on Audio CD's and DVD's that are sowed to the public FREE OF CHARGE and FREE Bible Distributions All Over The World.
Dewayne & Jamie's Wedding Day
Jesus is and will always be the first man in Jamie's life.  Dewayne is the second man in Jamie's life, he is her covering and her earthly bridegroom, whom she loves very much.  When Jamie was asked, "What is something about Dewayne that you love?"  she replied,  Only those close to us know that when Dewayne met me that I had been diagnosed with an (what the World says) incurable disease.  Though in the natural, things looked bleak, God knew and Dewayne had faith that I would live.  Dewayne is courageous and a man of faith.  Six weeks before we married, I went through an operation that only forty people had ever had.  Dewayne walked with me through what was one of the hardest times of my life.  He never left, instead my bridegroom wooed me and swept me off my feet.  What is something I love about Dewayne? . . . He loves me like Christ loves His Church.
When asked of Dewayne,"What is something that you love about Jamie?"  Dewayne replied,   there are so many things I love about my beautiful Jamie.  So much so, that I was in love with her before I ever met her.  My brother and his wife would come home from their Church.  He would tell me about this girl that had been diagnosed with a disease (acalasia).  He told me that she worked with the Youth and that she was on fire for the Lord.  I would find myself waiting from week to week to find out or ask how she was.  Then one Sunday, I went to her Church and when I finally saw her, my heart leaped.  Because there was this beautifulness about her, almost like she was glowing.  You could tell that Jesus was first and most important in her life.  It's still like that today and from now on.  Her love for God is what I love about her most.  Thank you Lord for Jamie (my Ministry).
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